Priority Hyundai Staff

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  • Tom Ivey
    General Manager

    "My goal is to make sure every customer walking into Priority Hyundai feel as though they are the top priority and are treated as such."

    Dedicated to his employees and his business, Tom has built many long lasting and meaningful relationships through his years as a Consultant, Sales and General Manager. Tom understands in depth every facet of the automotive industry and constantly seeks to grow and share his knowledge to insure he provides customers a truly unique and transparently honest experience. When not at the dealership Tom can be found spending time with his family at soccer games and events. When the weather is just right you may even spot Tom at one of the many golf courses around Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, or Hampton.

  • Kimberly Marholz
    Service Consultant

    Originally from Puerto Rico, Kimberly is our Priority Hyundai Service "Jack of all trades." Kimberly loves helping anywhere she can and finds great joy in assisting all our valued customers. If you call in to schedule an oil change, tire rotation, or some Hyundai Warranty work, it's possible that Kimberly will set the appointment. A valued member of our service team, Kimberly has been working for Priority Hyundai ever since she finished school and her dedication to our customers, our service department, Priority Hyundai, and the pursuit of excellence has no rival. When not diligently working in Priority Hyundai's Service Department, Kimberly likes to visit Barns and Nobles in Greenbrier and similar venues to snuggle up with a good book. When it's time to eat it's likely to find her at Texas Roadhouse on Battlefield blvd, her favorite restaurant in Chesapeake. If not, she is likely huddled up at home playing video games and dreaming about her favorite car, the Hyundai Genesis Coupe. Next time you speak to her be sure to tell her you appreciate all the hard work she does for us at Priority Hyundai.

  • Fred Kearns
    Parts and Service Director

    Originally hailing from Redondo Beach, California, Fred has become the cornerstone of our parts and service departments through understanding, dedication, and application of his 39 years of experience in the automotive industry. Fred loves his customers and building long lasting and meaningful relationships with each and every one of them. Equus owners, be prepared! Fred loves the Equus and is likely to ask you how much you love yours, we know you do! If you don't see him at Priority Hyundai you might find him around Chesapeake Pizza, Battlefield Texas Roadhouse, or the Virginia Beach Oceanfront! If you see him out in public be sure to ask how his singing or guitar playing are coming along as those are his favorite hobbies, aside from rooting for his favorite sport teams of course.

  • Tierra McCoy

    Before working at Priority Hyundai this US Navy Veteran was a stay at home mom. Originally from Seoul, South Korea, (the home of Hyundai) Tierra enjoys working at Priority Hyundai and providing pleasant customer service to everyone. No matter what she is doing, be it answering the phone, making copies, entering information into the computer, or any other job you'll never see Tierra without a glowing smile. An avid fan of Hyundai, Tierra hopes to one day have a Genesis Coupe but for now she drives something her kids will fit into more comfortably. When Tierra isn't at work she enjoys watching movies at the movie theater, swimming at the YMCA or Beach, or shopping at the Greenbrier Mall with her children. If you see Tierra out at the Virginia Aquarium, the Zoo, or various restaurants in Chesapeake and Virginia Beach be sure to say "Hello!" and thank her for providing her years of dedicated service with Priority Hyundai.

  • Chris "Ace" Fielder
    Internet Manager

    "The customer is the number one Priority, without them we wouldn't be here."

    Before working in the automotive industry Ace was a graphic designer and marketer in Lynchburg, VA. Ace moved to Chesapeake with his wife to raise a family and started with Priority Hyundai as his first job since moving to Hampton Roads. Ace enjoys taking his family for a ride in his Hyundai Azera on the weekends. His family's favorite places to spend time together are Mount Trashmore and Virginia Beach. 

  • Christina Dewhirst
    Service Receptionist

    Before working at Priority Hyundai in Chesapeake Virginia, Christina was a stay at home mom who loved to visit the local museums. Her customer's love her personal approach and helping her customers to the best of her ability has become what Christina loves most about working at Priority. If you need service be sure to contact Christina, especially if you have a Genesis, it's her favorite car!

  • Cynthia Harrell
    Service Consultant

    Born and raised in Virginia Beach, Cynthia knows many people from the Hampton Roads area and enjoys providing great customer service to each and every one of them, however, her favorite part of working at Priority Hyundai in Chesapeake is the opportunity to meet new people. Although Cynthia has worked for many dealerships over the years she says the different experiences she has everyday at Priority Hyundai puts it in a different class of service than anywhere she's ever been. Cynthia has a big heart to match her big glowing smile and she keeps it at the dealership and when she's out spending time with family at Virginia Beach Oceanfront. If you see her while driving by the beach in her favorite car, the Genesis Coupe, be sure to honk the horn and wave at her!

  • Robert "Bob" Knox
    Service Consultant

    Chesapeake Virginia is a long way from his original home in Michigan but that hasn't stopped Bob from planting roots with Priority Hyundai. Working in the Priority's service department for several years this previous manager for trucking companies puts his years of experience, knowledge, and problem solving skills to good use for his faithful customers at Priority Hyundai. Many of his customers are loyal not only to Priority Hyundai Service Department but to Bob for these very reasons. If you haven't had service with Priority Hyundai or have a Genesis Coupe, Bob's favorite Hyundai, be sure to stop by and ask for Bob Knox, you'll be happy you did. Also, when you stop by, ask him how his favorite football team is doing, he'll gladly let you know.

  • Rhonda Blowe
    Warranty Administration

    A local Norfolk Virginia resident, Rhonda has a flair for getting warranty work approved. When your vehicle needs warranty work she is the one that makes sure it's covered and not coming out of your pocket. Once a Receptionist at Checkered Flag Body Shop, Rhonda came to Priority Hyundai in Chesapeake to expand her knowledge, experience, and challenge herself. Every day is a new adventure for her at Priority Hyundai and she loves working with great co-workers, customers, and of course her favorite vehicle, the Genesis Sedan. If you're around the area and need some warranty work be sure to come to the place that will get it done right, Priority Hyundai, Rhonda will make sure it's taken care of.

  • Jim Langer
    Parts Manager

    Originally from Altoona, PA, this retired US Marine has served Priority Hyundai as the Parts Department Manager for several years. Aside from getting to work with a fantastic brand and his favorite Hyundai, the Sonata, Jim's favorite part about working at Priority is meeting all the fine people of Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, and surrounding areas. If you see Jim at the Chesapeake Golf Course or Battlefield Golf Club be sure to say "Hello!"

  • Benita Register
    Parts Driver

    Driving around to Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Soffolk, Virginia Beach, and all around the Hampton Roads area this road warrior gets your parts to it's destination quick and efficiently. If you see Benita driving around in that big bright Priorities for Life van be sure to wave politely and let her through because if you don't it may be your vehicle needing parts next and guess who will be bringing them to the auto body shop? We hope you like hot pink and lime green door panels! Only kidding, Hyundai doesn't have hot pink.

  • Gary Givin
    Parts Consultant

    Gary's customers say he is very attentive and although, usually fairly quiet, doesn't hesitate to speak up when needed to ensure the customer is purchasing the correct parts and accessories. Gary's customers travel from all over the Hampton Roads area, Suffolk, Newport News, Chesapeake, VA Beach, and Hampton to see his shining smile and utilize his expertise and experience.

  • Drake Penick
    Parts Consultant

    Drake may look young but he is one of the most knowledgeable and dedicated Parts Department workers you'll find in the industry. Drake's customer's are dedicated to him not only because of his knowledge and dedication but because he isn't afraid to let them know when a part or accessory isn't the best choice for them, even if that means we are unable to sell them the part ourselves. This kind of forward honesty has earned him a reputation all over Virginia Beach and Chesapeake as the man to go to for the "real deal" when getting the part you need for your Hyundai or any other vehicle.